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Mayor: Thad Williams Sr. Council President: Michael Baran. Council Vice President: Kevin Hines. Council Members: Alfred Mitcho, Robert Cryder III, James Leonard, Anthony Rusnock, Dydyna Tranguch. Borough Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Coppersmith. Water/Sewer/Garbage Billing Clerk: Eugene Hunsinger
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December 13th General Meeting Agenda
Beaver Meadows Crime Watch
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Date: 12/10/2021
December 13th General Meeting Agenda
Beaver Meadows Borough Council Meeting Agenda 1/3/2022 *Mon, Jan. 3, 2022 Beaver Meadows Borough Council Reorganization Meeting Agenda 1/3/2022 *Before Meeting Council Members (James Leonard, BJ Cryder and Michael Baran) and Mayor (Thad Williams), will be sworn in. *Pledge to the flag *The Mayor declares all offices vacant. *Mayor asks for Laura Coppersmith to act as Temporary Secretary. *Roll call. *Mayor asks for nominations for Council President. *Council President now presides over meeting. *President asks for nominations for Council Vice-President. *Entertain motion to reappoint Laura Coppersmith as Borough Secretary. *Entertain motion to reappoint Laura Coppersmith as Borough Treasurer. *Entertain motion to retain Robert Yurchak as Borough Solicitor. *Entertain motion to retain Alfred Benesch & Co. as Borough Engineer. *Entertain motion to retain First National Bank as Borough Depository. *Entertain motion to retain McGriff Insurance Services as Borough Insurance Firm. *Entertain motion to retain Berkheimer as tax collector for EIT and LST tax, as well as delinquent collection agency for these taxes and Per Capita Tax. *Entertain motion Police Chief? *Entertain motion to retain Michelle Moyer as Zoning and Code enforcement Officer. *Entertain motion to retain Jeff Moyer as Fire Chief of the Beaver Meadows Volunteer Fire Co. *Entertain motion to retain Brian Buglio as Building Code Official. *Entertain motion to reappoint William Dobash Sewage Enforcement Officer. *Entertain motion to reappoint _____ as the Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer. *Entertain motion to Attorney Cynthia S. Yurchak as Zoning Board Solicitor. *Entertain motion to retain Thomas Wassil as Emergency Management Coordinator. *Entertain motion to retain Lehigh Valley EMS as the primary BLS and ALS Provider. *Entertain motion to retain Lehigh Valley EMS as second due BLS coverage for both BLS and ALS responses * Name Committee Heads * Buildings * Streets * Sanitation and Recycling * Water and Sewer * Parks and Recreation * Zoning * Administration Regular Business Resumes: * Dispense with reading of the minutes from the previous meetings: * Omissions or corrections. * Accept the minutes. * Communications * McGriff Insurance Services * Barry Isett?s * Siana Law *Committee Reports: *Police: *Sanitation: *Streets: *Engineering: *Buildings: *Water and Sewer: *Parks and Recreation: *Zoning: *Executive Session?Personnel Issue, *An Executive Session was held on 12/27/21 from 6:30-7:00PM in regard to Personnel Issue. *Unfinished Business *Accept General Release and Separation Agreement with Moressi *Old Business *New Business *Ratify a 36-month lease with Tri-County Business machines for $55 a month for a new Kyocera Copier/Printer for the office split between Water/Sewer/Garbage and General. *Possible motion to re-open 2022 budget *Set 2022 Milage Rate by Resolution *Treasurers Report: *Receipts, *Bills and Salaries. *Citizens Comments. * Adjournment.
Council Meetings
Council Meetings are conducted on the 1st Monday of every month unless that day falls on a holiday. In that case, the meeting will be held on Tuesday. Meetings are held at the Borough building at 6:30pm. The public is invited to attend.
Moving Permits and Tenant Permits
Moving Permits are required when moving into, out of, or within the Borough limits at a fee of $10.00. Tenant Permits are also required for $10.00 per adult when moving into a rental property. Permit applications may be obtained at the Borough office during regular office hours.
Beaver Meadows Crime Watch
The Beaver Meadows Crime Watch Committee meets at the Borough Building the 3rd Wed of every month at 6:30pm. New members are always welcome! Beaver Meadows Crime watch will have their last meeting on 10/20/2021 and will pick back up on April 20, 2022. Please see the new Crime watch group on Facebook.
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