Beaver Meadows Borough 100 E. BROAD STREET
Bus Ph:: 570-455-7841
Police Ph:: 570-455-1919
Emergency: 911

Mayor: Thad Williams Sr. Council President: Michael Baran. Council Vice President: BJ Cryder Council Members: Michael Gerhard, Barb Brandon, James Leonard, William Curilla, Dydyna Tranguch. Borough Secretary/Treasurer: Laura Coppersmith. Water/Sewer/Garbage Billing Clerk: Eugene Hunsinger and Mary Rayno.
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Meeting Agenda 5/6/2024
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Date: 05/03/2024
Water Department hours for the week of 5/6 will be Tuesday 5/7 and Wednesday 5/8 from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Meeting Agenda 5/6/2024
Beaver Meadows Borough Council Meeting Agenda 5/6/2024 The Meeting will be held in Council Chambers. ? Call to order:  Pledge to the flag.  Roll Call ? Dispense with reading of the minutes from the previous meetings.  April 1st, 2024  April 9th, 2024, Special Meeting  Omissions or corrections  Accept the minutes. ? Communications ? Executive Session  NA ? Committee Reports ? Engineering ? Streets  CDBG Grant  2024 Paving projects      Street Sweeping  Crosswalk and BMPD line painting  Parking ? Police  Monthly police report ? Sanitation ? Buildings ? Water and Sewer  Past due accounts ? Parks and Recreation:  Barb will read a report for Recreation. ? Zoning  Zoning report ? CCCOG: ? Unfinished Business:  Snow Ban  Release form for towing ? New Business:  Make a motion to advertise the Franchise ordinance. It is set to expire on July 1st, 2024.  Make a motion to approve the purchase of a bucket truck in the amount of $7,400 bought from the City of Franklin. Bid won on Municibid and still has to be approved by the City of Franklin on 5/6 to be sold in the amount of $7,400.  Councilor Gerhard would like to discuss Church Street.  Make a motion to approve the treasurers report.  Make a motion to approve the bills and salaries.  Make a motion to approve the receipts. ? Citizens Comments: ? Adjournment:
Council Meetings
Council Meetings are conducted on the 1st Monday of every month unless that day falls on a holiday. In that case, the meeting will be held on Tuesday. Meetings are held at the Borough building at 6:30pm. The public is invited to attend.
Moving Permits and Tenant Permits
Moving Permits are required when moving into, out of, or within the Borough limits at a fee of $10.00. Tenant Permits are also required for $10.00 per adult when moving into a rental property. Permit applications may be obtained at the Borough office during regular office hours.
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